Tomiya inn

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Tomiya inn
Kagoshima Prefecture, southern Kyushu City Chiran-cho 104
TEL :0993 -83 -1038
FAX :0993 -83 -2417

Guide to Tomiya inn

●Tomiya inn Torihama tome was called the mother of the suicide attack was engaged
"Inn of Awareness" to touch the feelings of the Tome, you feel in the heart

【Main building of Tomiya inn 】

Main building you feel the vestiges of past days of kamikaze pilot and Mrs. Tome's
Old-fashioned inn. Inn heartwarming nostalgic like grandma house in the country.

Touch the heart of the kamikaze pilot's us, Why do not you think the approach…

Tomiya inn

What was the thing that Tome-san wanted to protect?…

"I want ... do not forget the kamikaze pilot and his friends"
"This apart, which has been used as a storyteller of peace, everyone even if I feel that members of his friends ..."

【Tomiya inn】Room rates

  • ■night(include breakfast)  
  • ■staying overnight without meals
  • ※Please call us for more information.

【Main inn】Lunch

(Reservations required: 10 people or more)
  • ■Tomesan lunch \1,500~
  • ■Shokado lunch set \2,000~
  • ■Banquet \2,500~
  • ※We have Dinner banquet, please contact us.(\3,000~)
  • ※Consumption tax

【Tomiya inn Annex】

Annex that connects to the future feelings of Tome
Inn palm Kataraeru Healing Children, in your family.

Annex, welcoming family all by oneself Nestled in the corner of "park at the foot."
※Guidance of your diet towards an overnight stay, to the main building at that time Mr. kamikaze pilot who had visited…

【New inn】Room rate

  • ■Night(include breakfast)  
  • ・Per person in the case of room available for 2 people
  • ・In the case of room available for 1 person
  • ※Please call us for more information.

Tome Kannon

It is Mido that Matsu~tsu the Kannon Tome has been continued to worship in the heart of gratitude and memorial service.
In response to hear the struggle of our minds, you please give wisdom to live.

Tome Kannon(Current)

Kannon is enshrined here is Kannon Tome memorial service is at the heart of gratitude to the kamikaze pilot who's, and has continued to worship every day. Mr. kamikaze pilot who was confided only to stop the inside of the painful breast, which is not shall be confided to a person before the commencement of the flight. Try to face with yourself ...  

Complaints heard Jizo (in the past)

It is the guardian deity of children that He will hear out of the painful breast and that which is not go as planned.

Pilotage Jizo (future)

It is a guardian deity of children and hope you'll give me a hint to change into the future who want to now you.

News to an important person

Letter was filling pure heart of kamikaze pilot's, has continued to give hope and meaning to more than a generation, beyond even the country and race, and hit the chest of the people, the people who read the "live".

Words Ms.Torihama Tome told

Torihama Tome was a woman who sent a life devoted for the World War II era, the turbulent post-war just take advantage of people painstakingly. To take advantage of the straight people age also changed the way of life of the people instead she was "life". (1902 - 1992 age at death 89 years)

Along with the kamikaze pilot's

This picture was taken on the veranda of the hall of the main building of the inn Tomiya current.

Tomiya dining

The Tomiya dining which became the basis for Tomiya Inns, kamikaze pilot who had come to eat well. Tome who is in Tomiya cafeteria, was present, such as the mother's for members.

Couple photo taken in front of the inn Tomiya

Tome has opened a hotel for people bereaved and the original members who visit the Chiran.

Chiran town in 1940s

Chiran town in early Showa era, was a small town such as those anywhere.

Take-off of the journey that you never returnedFighter "Hayabusa"

Schoolgirls who forego the take-off of workers, who prepared for death. People to be shelved with people to forego, would saw off in any thought?

In front of the Chiran Peace Kannon kamikaze

Tome has worshiped of handmade grave marker erected at the airport trace.That sympathey agrried to many people, built a "kamikaze Chiran Peace Kannon".